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Team Roboto #447 is a FIRST Robotics (  team made up of high school students from Madison County, Indiana. Team Roboto’s members are high school aged students in the area. In the last few years we have had students from 5 different high schools (AHS, PHHS, LHS, FHS, AMHS) as well as home and online schooled. Team 447 helps to build on the STEM educational foundation by practicing them every day in practical applications within a team environment.

Not all of our students become engineers or scientists. They will, however, be helped to grow in so many ways by your investment in them.

The very best thing is that every one of our team players can turn pro if they wish. They can use the directly applicable skills in their career or education. They will be better prepared for both.  Please call or write if we can answer any questions. Come work with us to help our youth grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

Please consider helping support this team, every dollar helps and goes directly towards supporting the mission.

Basic Expenses:

FIRST Registration $5,000
Region Events (2) Travel $5,000
World Championships Entry * $5,000
World Championships Travel * $3,000
World Championships Shipping * $500
Robot Parts (Proto Type/ Practice) $8,000+
Robot Parts (Competion Bot) $3,500+
Estimated Expenses $29,500 plus Labor/Rent/Utilities/Equipment Use
* when qualified