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You can also call Tony Soverns at 765-621-2144

FRC Team: Competition Season runs January – April


  • Students in grades 9 – 12
  • Interests include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
  • No practical experience necessary

Which Team is for you?

Programming: Students learn to program in various languages for various applications including drive controls, vision technology, and LED display boards.

Design: Students learn to design parts and complete robots using AutoDesk and Solidworks software as well as using drafting tools such as paper and pencil.

Fabrication: Students learn how to machine parts and assemble them into a working robot. Other skills include prototyping and communicating with the designers to create what they need.

Electrical: Students learn proper wiring methods including, but not limited to creating custom circuits, soldering, and proper shielding techniques.

Pneumatics: Students learn how pneumatic systems work and when they are better options to other systems for certain jobs.

Business Development: Our team must be self sufficient so students learn how to raise money through fundraisers and grant applications. Students learn how to account for the money spent and budget for each aspect of the teams needs.

Art: Having a working robot is important, branding the team is also vital to our long term sustainability. We need students interested in graphic design to help us sell our brand. These students are very important in creating our team shirts, flyers, pit displays, and much more.

FLL Team:

Team 447 has a FISRT Lego League team working with us as well.

  • Students Grades 4-8
  • Each team is limited 10 students
  • Additional teams will be formed as interest increases
  • Great introduction to FIRST
  • No special skills needed, just time and a desire to learn.\

See the Team Calendar page to see when and where we are meeting.

The Team meets at our Anderson University School of Engineering.

Once you visit with us, we will invite you to fill out the membership application and give it to a mentor.

Read this article about the 25 college majors with the highest starting salaries  to understand how it could impact your career. Beyond that, FIRST is a great place to meet new, influential people and gain lifelong friends in the process.

Ok, so you don’t know what an engineer does? Don’t worry, we will introduce you to many of the areas you may find exciting in the field of engineering. Team Roboto is a mentor based program and most of the adult mentors in our program work in, or are retired from, in one of the fields. If you want to make a difference in the world, these are the skills that you will learn from being part of our team.